David Higgins Band

The David Higgins Band was formed in the spring of 2011 and has earned it’s reputation of one of the lowcountry’s premiere and busiest bands.


The easiest way to describe David Higgin’s Band is just plain Awesome.  They played at our wedding on September 10, 2011 in Beaufort, SC and words can’t describe how wonderful the event was.  All 150 guests enjoyed the food and venue, but the music is what everyone bragged about.  We had so much fun that our friends are willing to pitch in for another party just to hear the David Higgins Band again. 


When is comes to song selection, if you can name it, David Higgins Band can play it.  What I like most about the band is that they had a personal touch or spin to each song.  David Higgins actually makes the songs sound better than the original.


Remember, music can Make or Break an event.  If you plan to host a wedding reception and you want to impress your guests with lots of dancing, fun, and laughter, you must have an excellent band.  We highly recommend David Higgins Band, you will not go wrong!


Not only is the music off the charts, the friendliness and professionalism in which David Higgins and the rest of the band show is priceless.  They are so easy to work with and they follow through with what they say they will do for you.  I can’t explain how nice and courteous they were to us, but even more so to all of our guests.  Mingling in the crowd with wireless guitars, singing into cordless mic’s, taking song requests from people, unbelievable is all I can say.  David Higgins Band will make your event the way you dream it to be!   


Thanks so Much David!


-Harwood & Maggie Weatherly, Sumter, SC


David Higgins came highly recommended to us for creative music talent , as we asked around for good people in music to do our wedding ceremony. He was open to our unique selection which included many Beatles tunes, some classical Wedding music for me to walk the aisle, Jason mraz, louis armstrong, and even bob marley. He was so willing to take it on, gave creative advice for the arrangement and delivered beautifully! He played amazing piano and vocals. Further more, he is kind, professional, and relaxed, which is exactly the kind of person you need for a wedding or any other big event!   

-Angela Beyotte


The David Higgins Band was a #1 hit at our wedding reception, everyone loved them and asked who they were.  They were easy to work with and most of all FUN at the reception.

-Craig & Julie Taylor – March 26, 2011


NOBODY plays to the crowd better than David Higgins Band.  By far the best all-around party band on King Street….

-Mike Shuler  OWNER  Midtown Bar & Grill, King Street, SC



David Higgins Band

Over the past 4 years of full time performance, David has played over 1,000 shows from New Orleans to New York as he currently resides in Charleston.  Greatly influenced by classic rock in his early years, David carries a love for the old rock ballads while merging that feeling with the newer pop synth driven dance tunes.  His voice is most often compared to Elton John and David Gray.


The David Higgins Band was formed in the spring of 2011 and has earned it’s reputation of one of the lowcountry’s premiere and busiest bands.  While still enjoying playing events and clubs, David is transitioning his efforts toward an original music career as he releases his first ever EP in the late fall, 2013